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1st vacc to 14 weeks

$300/6 week course

Tuesday 16th January

These classes build trust and communication between puppies and their new family. Start training basic cues like sit, lie down, settling on a mat and coming when called. Learn how to master the essentials of toilet training, sleeping and redirecting unwanted behaviours.
Discover how puppies learn, what socialisation means, and how we can set our new puppies up for success in adulthood.


Introduction to Tricks 

$300/6 week course

Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Learn how to teach your dog "tricks" or behaviours that are beneficial for body awareness, cooperative care, building confidence and so much more!
Trick training is a great way to teach dogs to ‘think’, providing mental stimulation and keeping your dog's brain active. Other benefits can include better manners, self-control, and trust between you and your dog.

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$300/6 week course

Thursday 18th January 

This class is for puppies who are starting to experience more of the outside world, teaching them to return their attention to you despite distractions.
Learn about your puppy's brain and development, plus games, tricks and cues to build focus and help navigate arousal levels. From socialisation to leash walking skills, this class sets up a strong foundation of trust and training for you and your puppy.

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Scent Work

$550/6 week course

Saturdays, TBA

Join our all-inclusive scent work program, suitable for all dogs regardless of breed, age, or training level.

Our certified expert will lead you through weeks of personalized training.

By the course's end, your dog will confidently focus on a target scent, setting the stage for future scent work training or competition.

Enroll now and have fun while building essential skills with your dog!

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$300/6 week course

Wednesday 17th January 

These classes help guardians understand typical teenage dog struggles and provides tools to manage them. Build a stronger relationship with your adolescent dog through games and training that encourages focus, recall, and maintaining calm behaviour. Learn useful, hands-on skills to help your teenage dog behave well in public spaces and around distractions such as traffic, people and other dogs.


Helping Pets with Vets 

$300/6 week course

Saturday 20th January

Whether taking your pet to the vet is a high-stress experience, or you just want to make vet visits more positive for your dog, this class has you covered. Learn the foundation of co-operative care from a certified force-free vet nurse. From nail care and health checks to receiving medications, learn and train consent cues to help reduce your animal’s stress around veterinary care.
There is something for everyone in this class!


We offer a wide range of classes taught by experienced trainers in the industry. 

Keep reading to see what courses we currently have on offer and to register for a class.

If you're not sure what class would be best for you, contact

Discounts available to Super Gold Card holders, Rescue Animals and Registered Animal Charities.

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