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We are delighted to be offering fortnightly Canine Massage sessions on Fridays at Kiwi Vet Behaviour with Greyt Touch Canine Massage Therapy, starting Friday 3 November - well timed ahead of Guy Fawkes and the holiday fireworks season. Massage is known to help calm and soothe anxious pets. 

Mary-Anne Smith is a certified canine massage therapist and specialises in a range of canine massage techniques suited to dogs from all walks of life – pet dogs, working dogs and sporting dogs of all ages, health conditions, temperaments and breeds. 

Mary-Anne also specialises in advanced treatments such as: 

• pre/post surgery massage 

• scar tissue massage 

• myofascial trigger point release 

• lymphatic drainage 

• sports massage for canine athletes (e.g. agility) 

• remedial massage for tripaw hounds(amputees) 

• oncology and palliative massage. 


In addition to canine massage, Mary-Anne provides Photobiomodulation (or PBM) Red Light Therapy for all animals. A safe, non-invasive treatment that helps reduce inflammation and pain, stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems, thereby assisting and supporting the body’s natural healing process.

 Want to book your pet's remedial massage or PBM red light therapy? Follow the link below:

Contact Mary-Anne Smith:

021 256 5868

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