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Workshops and Events

We have many one-off events through the year. Read on to discover some of the workshops we have on offer.

Keep a close eye on our social media for specialty topics, expert guest speakers from the industry, and more! 

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Discounts available to Super Gold Card holders, Rescue Animals and Registered Animal Charities.


Roots of Reactivity

Sun 10th Dec, 9am-4pm

This workshop is for humans only

Learn some of the reasons behind reactivity and aggression in dogs. With an introduction to the neurophysiology of emotion and a close look at body language, we can start to understand why the escalation to aggression happens. Learn how to mitigate these responses, and some processes to help resolve it. Includes practical advice that will help you truly understand and support your pet.

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Intro to Scent Work

2-part Class/$120
Sat 10th & 17th Feb, 9am

Dogs welcome for the second class

Join our 2-part 'Introduction to Scent Work' workshop and explore the world of scent work. Learn about odour imprinting and competitive opportunities within New Zealand's scent work community.

As part of the workshop, you'll receive a 6-piece scent kit and have access to ongoing coaching and support through our online platform.

Start your scent work journey with your furry companion today!

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Kitten Kindy

1.5hr workshop

Human guardians and their cat welcome

Classes will cover all the essentials you need to introduce your kitten to your home and everyone in it.

We cover useful topics such as appropriate handling, tableting, trimming claws, training!  How to create a feline friendly environment and prevent the more common behaviour problems. Cats can be a beautiful addition to the home and the more you understand them the happier they will be.


Babies & Dogs

Mon 11th Dec, 6:30pm

This workshop is for humans only

Have a dog and are expecting a baby? The arrival of a new baby is a big adjustment for everyone, your dog included! 

Learn what you can do before your baby arrives, including how to set up the house, how to help your dog be ready for the new arrival, and how to introduce your dog to your baby. Set the foundations for a great relationship between your baby and your dog in the future.

Nail Care_edited.jpg

Nail Care for Dogs

2-part Class

Dogs welcome for the second class

Struggling with trimming your dog's nails? This two-part workshop is for you!
Covering the skills and knowledge you need to introduce your dog to kind nail car, including learning anatomy of the nail, techniques around handling, and the need for safety and consent.
These workshops are a great introduction to the equipment and processes for stress-free nail care.


Toddlers & Dogs

1hr workshop

This workshop is for humans only

Toddlers and dogs don’t always mix! Learn how to ensure your little person and your dog can live together safely and have a great relationship.

We will cover what to do once your child starts to move and grab, how to safely include your dog in your child’s life, and fostering a great relationship between your child and your dog. Plus, learn some great games for your child to play with your dog!​


Tricks for Focus & Control

1.5hr workshop/$60
Saturday 27th January, 3pm

Dogs welcome to this workshop

In this class your dog will learn how to target various objects with their nose and paws. Nose and paw targeting are versatile and powerful skills because it gives your dog focus which promotes calmness and control.
Real life applications of the skills include prevention of jumping, walking on a loose leash, greeting people politely, muzzle training, cooperative care, posing for photos, and more!


Puppy Playground

15 mins/$10

Human guardians and their puppy welcome

Socialisation is so important, but it can be hard to find a safe, clean, positive space for your puppy to explore and advance their physical and social skills. Bring your puppy to an indoor, puppy-safe environment for a short and sweet positive socialisation experience at Kiwi Vet Behaviour! Supervised by experienced trainers, give your puppy the chance to interact safely and positively with new spaces, sounds, smells and other puppies! 


Fear in Dogs

Half-day Workshop

This workshop is for humans only

Learn how to better understand fearful dogs. This workshop discusses factors that contribute to fear anxiety, how underlying emotion can lead to reactive or aggressive behaviour, how to effectively manage an environment, avoid pushing a dog over their threshold, and offers a chance to practice reading dog body language. Learn games, tools and tricks to help dogs cope and increase confidence in their world.

For current dates, or to register your interest in a particular course, click below: 

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